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For this first article, I particularly wanted to introduce you and especially with no taboo my favorite dog breed. Those who follow us for a while know the energy that I put to inform, prevent and advise (at my level) people who are closely interested about this superb breed. On instagram and many other social medias, you can admire this beautiful breed : the AKITAS

I gather today the two breeds , the Akita Inu and the American Akita because they remain similar despite some small details. These beautiful Japanese dogs make us dream by their presence, beauty and strength … Indeed, Akitas are incomparable loyal dogs, clever with a temperament approaching cats and their attitudes are sometimes very funny. ( Sure that some owners will smile ) 

Do not judge a book by its cover !

Their teddy bear appearance can often cause issues for peoples who do not know the breed. Yep, they look like cubs but they’re not made of marshmallow ^^ .  As a primitive breed, there are many things to know before buying this kind of dogs. First facts you should know is that Akitas are naturally very dominant, they hardly tolerate other dogs especially of the same gender. A huge socialization from a very early age is extremely important to accustom the dog to tolerate its furriends the best way as possible. Nevertheless, Akitas build their characters well after adolescence, a puppy or young dog who willingly played with his comrades can very well stop this overnight and no longer accept contact with them, be sure that he can also attack them .

This is why it is strongly discouraged to get an akita of the same gender if you already have a dog and if you don’t even have the necessary facilities to separate them for life. For life, because akitas are very resentful, usually if they decided to no longer accept a dog, it is forever. To avoid abandonment, you must be aware of this risk and not try to change their temperament. Those who have already experienced an Akita fight know that it’s gonna be very difficult to separate and that it won’t be without some risks. Yes, they are real ninjas ! Don’t think that because your current dogs are submissive or very sociable, that the Akita who has grown up with will necessarily get along with them during all his life. Many peoples are very surprised and often don’t even know what to do when a fight comes and that’s usually very hard to stop them. The “pulling the back legs’s technical doesn’t really works with akitas.

Keys to Success: Positive Education, Patience, Socialization and love

It is necessary to raise an akita with gentleness, patience and a lot of tact. Positive education is paramount with them. We educate but we do not train an akita … Despite the fact that it is not a breed that obeys perfectly, we can achieve very beautiful things through a smooth and regular work.

Personally, I manage to obtain a great result of obedience with Malcolm to which I am very proud. He likes to make me happy and it’s proof of a successful connection between us. Like all primitives, their hunting instinct is very present.

A recall will never be one hundred percent reliable when an Akita decides to go hunting. Many owners use large lanyards to let them sniff and hunt in peace but especially safely. You should know that akitas owners often keep their dogs on a leash because of the risk of crossing other dogs or if they decide to go hunting . They are relaxed without leash in safe places and cleared to see a potential danger. If you have the habit or the desire to have a dog without leash and without constraints, you will be disappointed to see that the akita is not suitable for you. For many owners, outings are not always just relaxation and their obsession is to cross detached dogs. Most incidents happen very often in this way.

Codes very different from other dogs

Akitas carry their tails and their ears very hightheir postures return to other dogs some signals which they can interpret like dangerousSome will go and face them, others with more canine codes will go their way. Sheepdogs are particularly even more sensitive to the akita’s attitude because their canine codes are rather different. After several experiments of my friends akita owners and with the sight of the reserve of my own dog with the German Shepherds, I could notice that it is particularly necessary to be very careful between Shepherds and Akitas, but not only

Akitas are often not recommended for people who have never owned dogs but personally I think that sometimes it is better to be a first time owner who has time to devote to education, socialization of his dog and who feels the desire to learn, rather than someone knowledgeable about other dog breeds and who think that Akitas are the same and applies stuffs that are not necessarily valid for an Akita. Obviously you have to have grip and tact to manage them, but it can be learned, especially when you are well prepared.

For all breeds, research are necessary before adopting a dog. Meeting owners, breeders are the best way to learn more about them. Ask yourself whether or not you’ll be able and if you will know how to fill the needs of the breed. Each of them have specificities that needs to be adapted. In the opposite case, it is better to continue daydreaming while looking at pretty pictures. Don’t think either to change the instinct and behavior of a primitive, that’s why we shouldn’t buy a dog for his beauty, there are enough dogs in shelters.

To minimize abandonment or accidents, it is better to be ready to meet all these conditions to accommodate a dog like this.

Talking about the Akita breed without taboo is important, they are not bloodthirsty monsters, they simply need some space with other dogs and you just have to know how to respect it. If you cross an akita during a walk with your dog, it would be better to avoid any problem, to get yours on leash if it’s not already done or to have a good control on him to not approach the other dog, unless the akita owner has proposed it to you.

An extremely wonderful breed

As an Akita Lover, I am very happy to discover them a little bit more each day, because we learn every day a new thing with them. Their behaviors are so interesting and their attitudes often very funny, they are often called cat-dogs and this is rather true. The love of an Akita is an inestimable thing, on this point I take willingly the example of  the legend “Hatchiko” .

I hope that you will enjoy this first article dedicated to the Akita breed. Feel free to visit kennels, meet owners and send us messages if you have other questions.

See you soon !

Hachiko’s statue in Japon



  1. Lori Ann Warren Stephenson
    20 December 2017 / 19 h 20 min

    Thank you for sharing all this IMPORTANT information about the Beloved Akita. Too many humans have picked this breed not knowing a thing about them which has lead to way to many Akita’s in shelters or rehomed which makes for an uncomfortable outcome for this breed as they are general a one owner breed. I hope many people read this before being graced with the honor of being loved by this majestic most loyal dog.
    Sincerely, L A Warren Stephenson
    Sanford, North Carolina USA

    • 30 December 2017 / 23 h 57 min

      Thank you so much for your comment Lori Ann, that means a lot for us !
      We are so glad to hear that this post can help people to do a good choice. As you said before, there are too many Akitas in shelters … and the breed is more and more famous every day. We have to protect the breed.
      Really hope that people will see this post before buying an akita 🙂

    • Yaya
      8 June 2019 / 6 h 47 min

      I am a new akita owner and before him I had a pitbull for 11 years who was my dear and bestest friend. I lost him suddenly and it was so hard. Well I went to visit my family in tx and Po (my boy) happened to fall in my lap he was just s new born and I decided to keep him after locking eyes with him we just connected. And I am am extremely patient person and a huge animal lover. All you information was on point.! I feel the exact same way and I appreciate your time to do this for us new owners because I love how he is just so chill to himself but when we want affection he gives it to us ! We are keeping him social interacting with other puppies and I’m praying our journey with him continues to build even stronger and I can’t wait to see where it’s headed. Thank you again for all your help and words ! Give Malcolm hugs from us and po

      • Michael Dixon sr
        11 September 2019 / 16 h 39 min

        I’ve owned akita’s in the past and I’m looking for 1 now. i’m a disabled combat. And my akita’s always supported me knew when it was a day I wasn’t doing well he never left my side thanks for the information to show just how great this dog is

  2. Carly
    23 December 2017 / 11 h 40 min

    I am a brand new Akita owner and am so thankful for all the information you share! If you could give tips on how to educate that would be amazing!

    • 30 December 2017 / 23 h 59 min

      Hello Carly,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I ‘m glad to know that you appreciate this post …

      I’m not a professional so I’m not really able to give you tips on education, but as I said in the post, socialization and positive education and patience are the keys 🙂

    • 29 November 2019 / 22 h 09 min

      I love my my akita,dearly,he just turn a year old,,got him when he was 6weeks,old,,an very good with my other dogs (shitzu’s,,,untill he was about 7months old he attacked. My male shitzu,b4,I got ahold of,moe,,,my little,nate was hurt pretty bad,,,now,I keep them separated ,,(is there anyway they will love each other again,,(moe recently,fixed,,an still wants to get at nate,,,what can i do???,,willing to hire a trainer,,(will that work??,i do have 2 other girl (shitzu’s,an moe adores them,,please do you have,any advice thst will help my fur family be nice,an love each other

  3. 23 December 2017 / 14 h 58 min

    This is a great article! I follow you on Instagram and the quality carries over flawlessly to your blog. I also own an American Akita (Kuro Kishi), as a first time owner, and several of the qualities you point out are seen every day. Socialization and lots of love are a must, but not hard at all to provide because he is so much fun to be around.

    • 31 December 2017 / 0 h 00 min

      Thank you Gabriel for your comment !
      You said exactly the good words …

  4. Shuffleandslide
    19 February 2018 / 1 h 35 min

    What a great article. I didn’t know you had a website. Its very nice. Look forward to reading more on it.

    All the best


  5. Peter James
    22 April 2018 / 10 h 14 min

    I enjoyed your article very much and I’m glad that others are trying to promote our breed for the wonderful and yes sometimes taxing creatures that they are.
    I have had Akitas for many years and find the to be one of the best breeds I have owned. Their devotion to family is second to none.
    I have passed my love of the breed on to my daughter.
    He first love” Jack” passed away just over a year ago and she still crys over him. But we just got her a new pup ” Bella” who resembles her old boy and has the same personality.
    Thank you again for passing on some very important facts about our noble breed.

  6. David
    31 May 2018 / 22 h 58 min

    Great article on the Akita! The hardest thing I found about having an Akita, at least with my boy, was seeing him age not so gracefully by having incontinence issues and arthritis in the hips that required expensive medications. It should be noted that the Akita can develop all kinds of issues that makes vet visits not so cheap if you don’t have pet insurance. Over the 11 years of having my boy, the vet bills totaled over 15k. That does not include Food, toys, treats, fencing materials, replacing towels, furniture, shoes, bedding, pillows, etc. New Pet owners to the Akita should be aware that they need to secure everything they don’t want destroyed in the first years of major chewing/baby to adult teeth and that there should be some safe room or ability to door off rooms when away from the house. New homes with “open floor plans” are bad news when it comes to Akitas who will chew up cushions just because. If one can live through this and find ways to control that chewing behavior (my dog hated water in the face so a squirt with water helped) . . . the other hardest thing ever is to Say Goodbye, even though you know they are just fine over the rainbow.

  7. Malibuson
    6 June 2018 / 7 h 10 min

    Akitas are an amazing, and loyal breed. They are usually a one person/one owner type of dog, that bonds deeply with that person. My Akita was a male, but did get along with a submissive male Doberman, a bossy female Doberman, and a quiet female Labrador. Akitas are great apartment dog for a single female. Which is why I originally purchased him. They rarely bark(unless something is wrong), and don’t need a lot of space, or excersise. I could walk him late at night in the city, and his size intimidated others to the point that they walked on the other side of the street. Oh, and yes it is true, a teething Akita is capable of eating a couch, so crate training might be a must. Once I married and moved to the suburbs, I became aware that if you have a fenced yard it must be 6ft and made of wood. Never trust an Akita inside a chain link fence, my mother found out the hard way when she was dog sitting my Akita. Akitas will climb chain link fences! Also Akitas are extremely protective as adults, and may agressively protect your children. So if your children are playing with other children, they must always be supervised by an adult. Akitas dont understand a child play hitting your child and may try to intervene, which could unintentionally hurt the other child. Also when my daughter was an infant, several times my Akita refused to allow my husband to go into our daughter’s bedroom room, when she was sleeping. So we had to keep him out of her room at night.
    Well, I hope this helps others that might want an Akita, they truly are a wonderful breed, but not for everyone!

    • 22 October 2018 / 20 h 58 min

      Oh yes definitely ! thank you for this comment and your time ! <3

  8. Lintje
    21 October 2018 / 6 h 23 min

    Thank you for posting this so true facts about Akita breed. We have been fortunate to have 4 of them in our care in the last 20 years, and yes they are very strong minded but faithful and loyal once you gain their trust. Too many Akitas went into shelter after 2 years of age, and that’s very sad because people who bought them as puppy didn’t realise they grow into this big, wilful dog and without knowing how to educate them they can turn into big liabilities to its owners. So please keep your good work in spreading the facts so people understand this breed is not for everyone but once you put in the effort they are a real gem for life, even when our first 2 went over the rainbow they were always in our hearts and They keep sending their abandon mates to us to look after.

    • 22 October 2018 / 20 h 57 min

      Thank You so much for this lovely comment ! that means a lot for me <3

  9. Anna
    21 January 2019 / 6 h 11 min

    I have researched A LOT on the breed. I am in love! There is an Akita I saw on Facebook that recently was surrendered to an animal shelter. He is 4 years old. He has the face of a very old soul and I’m in love! I know they are one owner dogs. Iv never owned one. Iv studied and researched. I was going to go to a good breeder, but I’m in love with this guy! I go to meet him tomorrow. I’m going to foster first. If you have any tips please email me.

  10. Lowen Zeiner
    9 February 2019 / 17 h 37 min

    I’ve owned two American Akitas. Both full grown when acquired. They are loyal companions, but like the article states, should always be kept on leash, unless fenced. When they catch a scent or sense movement, they become so focused on it, they don’t even know you are there. Great Job.

  11. 4 March 2019 / 20 h 18 min

    Hi there! Such a nice article, thanks!

  12. Aashdoda
    6 March 2019 / 11 h 50 min

    As the trainer that specializes in Akitas I am impressed by your article. Your wording was very carefully chosen to give the best and true view of the breed. Thank you for listing their beauty isn’t there true beauty but their heart and their soul. They are truly a dog looking for a person to have a true partnership with and that involves compromise gentleness and the willingness to learn and adapt to their needs just as they adapt to ours out of love and respect. It is so true what is said; once you go Akita you never go back. They are the most extraordinary animals and very precious from the inside out, they are a teacher a best friend I protector. Some of the greatest lessons in life they impart in wisdom comes from gentleness and the calm and quietness of their nature, the true art of compromise.

    • Vera
      27 August 2019 / 6 h 07 min

      I have an akita that’s about to be 2 years old in December. He always sniffing me in my daughter’s woohi’s. And I’m wondering if he’s in heat or what. It drives me crazy, makes me feel violated 😫, lol. Also my oldest daughter moved out about 3 months ago and now they got an akita about 13 weeks now Male, and I want to introduce them. Is there a certain way this should happen 🤔. I want them to know each other cause we all family.

  13. Aashdoda
    6 March 2019 / 11 h 53 min

    As the trainer that specializes in Akitas I am impressed by your article. Your wording was very carefully chosen to give the best and true view of the breed. Thank you for listing their beauty isn’t there true beauty but their heart and their soul. They are truly a dog looking for a person to have a true partnership with and that involves compromise gentleness and the willingness to learn and adapt to their needs just as they adapt to ours out of love and respect. It is so true what is said; once you go Akita you never go back. They are the most extraordinary animals and very precious from the inside out, they are a teacher a best friend I protector and much more. Some of the greatest lessons in life they impart in wisdom comes from gentleness and the calm and quietness of their nature, the true art of compromise.

  14. Sharyyn
    7 March 2019 / 3 h 29 min

    It’s true. Once you have an Akita, you’ll never want any other breed or you’ll choose a close relative. I chose an Akita because they are protective of the family but still have personalities. However, at the tome I was unaware of their aggressive nature towards all animals especially dogs and cats. But my Zari got a hold of many animals and I finally had to adopt her out because she weighed as much as me and I couldn’t control her. Thankfully I found a neighbor who wanted her and she was the best second mom ever!! I still went to visit and walked her. Six year later, Zari’s second mom had health issues and couldn’t no longer care for her. So guess what? I got her back and my husband earned her respect and they were best buds. At this point she just turned 10. Zari has arthritis in her hind knees, making it hard to run. Boy, I miss her graceful stride!! And sacrially, I miss her! She passed nine months ago at the age of almost 13. She lost weight down to 94!

    She was always my love, my protector, made me laugh and also frustration due to her prey sensitivity. Many dogs are able to run lose and cause when mich stress when I would go walk her at 11 pm so not to try and run into any lose dogs. Even in her old age, she would attack and it was hard to get her off the other dog.

    She was so quirky and I always said she was more like a cat than a dog. I didn’t realize that they were know being a cat-dog. Anyway, I follow Max because I’m a small way he reminds me of her. They don’t have the same markings but the same mannerisms. Hiro and a couple of others REALLY remind me of her because I swear it is her!! And it makes me miss her less.

    Thank you for loving the breed as much as I do and the many photos of Max.

  15. Sharyyn
    7 March 2019 / 3 h 31 min

    I apologize. I met Malcolm not Max.

  16. 26 May 2019 / 18 h 33 min

    i enjoyed every word of your article and comments,i do have a 4yr old male American Akita,i got him from a dog trainer who purchased 2, my CeeJay had actually injured his left front leg to the point of shoulder/elbow dislocation,at that time as informed the vet suggested amputation probably based on xrays and physical observation,however the trainer/owner decided against the vets recommendation and kept him, i had 2 months prior said goodbye to my male sheppy and having heard the story of CeeJay decided i will adopt him,i did research on Akitas,their personality,characteristics,traits,medical and genetic issues since i am a sheppard person,however having CeeJay for the past year watching him heal and progress into such a loving and trusting companion that i totally love Akita,most of your comments and that of the contributers are accurate,they are strongmided,they are one owner/master,they are loyal,they can be socialised with other dogs outside their domain, they are very protective,be very careful with children because of their size and moods and always when walking outside of their compound,use a.leash,finally i thank all for all the valuable information hope you have as much joy as i have with my CeeJay,God bless all.

  17. Jennifer Larain, RNC
    11 June 2019 / 5 h 14 min

    We have a 6 month old female, and her 19 month old full-brother. My husband has only had Akita’s for 39+ years.

    They are loving, fun, loyal (yet willful). They actually function well at daycare with multiple other dogs (rare, I know), but they enjoy the stimulation. I wouldn’t trade a moment with our dogs!

    Thank you for your article!


    Todd, Jennifer (Diesel and Kira)
    T&J Akitas- New Hampshire

  18. 11 June 2019 / 19 h 25 min

    dear Malcolm, this is the most wonderful and reassuring article I have had the pleasure to read. I have a truly amazing Akita, he rescued me when was 14 months old and he is five now. Everything that I stress and worry about has been saliently answered here in this article and I truly do feel a huge weight taken off. You have helped next level mine and my bears relationship. There are no words to describe these amazing four legged furry ikran.
    Thank you from me and under his breath grumble from my bear.

  19. Lisa
    20 July 2019 / 7 h 21 min

    Hello, I appreciate this article as we are in the process of possibly getting an Akita. My kids are girl 11 and boy 14. Reading about their personality and temperament, we’re concerned if the dog would attack us. Should we decide to get one, we’d do socialization and training. We’re prepared to love her and grow through dog trials, much like our own children, because when you’ve been blessed with a precious soul, you don’t give it back. Is this something we should be aware of and how to prevent it. Thanks for any information you might give us. Your knowledge is very much appreciated. Thank you and God bless!

  20. Buddy’s Mom
    24 July 2019 / 7 h 18 min

    I have had dogs my entire life and loved them all but my American Akita, Buddy, is amazing. The bond between this dog and i is like nothing I ever knew existed. I took him from an abusive owner when he was 6 months old knowing nothing about an Akita or even knowing what breed he was.
    Immediately people were wary of him because of his look at 6 months of age and the first vet visit, my vet was unavailable and I wanted him checked before coming home to my other dogs, was afraid and showed it. This led me to lots of anxiety cause I wanted to save him and protect him from what he already went through in his short life.
    I knew he would be big so I decided he had to go to training and listen without compromise all my other dogs were trained by myself and husband with help from the kids. I also used information from Ceasar Milan and have a perfect good boy. It wasn’t til I saw my regular vet that I learned he was an Akita and by then thankfully was doing the right things. As with any dog the Akita should not be physically corrected if you know the right way to train a dog hitting them is never the way to go about it.

    Opposite of what I’ve sometimes read this dog loves my grandkids and is very gentle and appropriately protective of them. He does not want to wander from home unless he is with his pack leaders, my husband and I. He is always walked on a leash , as all dogs should be, and ignores anything besides making sure he doesn’t walk in front of who is walking him. He is free in a fenced yard and never wants to leave it not even with an open gate unless instructed to, he is an inside dog most of the time. They are very clean dogs who do not get “smelly” although they do shed a good bit. It’s true they only bark when necessary and are awesome watch dogs. It is also true that mine doesn’t really care for meeting new people, mine is never aggressive just cautious and uninterested.
    He had no issues accepting my 12 yr old female Lab as the leader, after the humans ,and accepted a new same sex mutt as a puppy into our home with no issues for the last 7 years, have to note the new mutt is submissive and never wanted to be the boss. It is true with my Akita that at the first sign of aggression from another dog they will attack as I had a same sex beagle who has since passed from old age who wanted to lead and would become aggressive if the humans were not in the immediate area and my Akita would bite first but didn’t do much damage the couple times it happened because he immediately stopped when instructed to. This problem was easily handled by never allowing them to be alone together or unsupervised and if beagle acted right the Akita never started it. It is true they aren’t great with cats and do treat small animals, rabbits etc as prey. I have also found that you must always make sure that the Akita knows you are the leader but I KNOW it’s because of the loyalty and “love” they have for their family that they will become leader to protect their families.

    My boy is now 9 and has no health issues but I dread the day when he is no longer around and can’t imagine a life without an Akita after experiencing the fierce loyalty, bond, safety and love of this amazing intelligent animal.
    I want another one day although my dogs have always been rescues but still live with the stigma that others have placed on this breed. This breed is well worth the effort of proper training and follow through for those who will do that and I am writing this so others may read and understand the true value of them and maybe combat the stigma and mis information about them, for my “Buddy”.

  21. R. Siegel
    3 August 2019 / 22 h 36 min

    I would like to add a note to this conversatuon.My wife and I have owned Akitas almost contiually,except to grieve,after the passing of any of them since 1990.We have owned 3 males during that time.They are just like people,all had their very own personalities,their likes and dislikes were all significantly different.Any owner should remember that fact!My first disliked most other dogs and was in continual hunt mode,second male loved all animals and all people,third was much like the second until he got a little older and developed some health issues.I guess my point is that they were all different.Just like we as humans can take an immediate dislike to somebody we have just met,so can dogs.Akitas perhaps more so than most other breeds.All were different,I loved them all equally,and hurt to no end after any of them passed away!One final point,they all eventually died from one type of cancer or another,so be warned and look for any signs.

  22. Art
    25 August 2019 / 18 h 05 min

    Oshidashi Kuma, or Oshi, was my first Akita. She was wonderful with all who met her but two, the boy next door who taunted her over the fence and a carpenter working on our addition. I found out later the carpenter was a felon…
    Everything you said in your article was true. Oshi never bit anyone, but head butted both Tommy and the carpenter. Oh, and she hated the neighbor’s cat. One day our friend from across the street was holding Oshi’s leash when the cat sauntered across the yard. The 130# Oshi took off after the cat with a 160# woman attached to the end of a 6’ leather lead. Oshi stopped after about 3 or 4 commands to do so.
    Oshi was being tended by the neighbor while we were out of town once. We had other friends over the night before and gave the wife the ok to visit with the neighbor with instructions to let the neighbor enter first. Becky ignored that and started to enter first but stopped when Oshi’s hackles went up with a serious growing. The neighbor pulled Becky out of the way and told Oshi it was ok. Then Becky entered & they played like the previous night, rolling on the floor. This came naturally to Oshi.

  23. Anastasia
    2 October 2019 / 23 h 33 min

    Ok not to be rude or anything but I don’t think you can label dog breeds to weather there are dangerous or not with temperments and stuff because not all dogs act the same way. I had a Japanese akita and she was the sweetest girl ever she wouldn’t have hurt a fly. You shouldnt assume dogs on their breed because small dogs can be just as dangerous as big dogs and any dog could attack if provoked or not trained or brought up right.

  24. Elena Kerwin
    5 November 2019 / 18 h 07 min

    Thanks a lot for this article . I find it so true and informative. I’m a first time owner of an Akita inu and he has been a blessing. Senshi came to me the day of my husband passing.
    He behaves amazingly so far I only have lost two books after a tantrum one was training for dummies 🙁
    He si so smart and sweet but have some help issues but things came better with an excellent diet.

  25. Paul Julian
    20 November 2019 / 18 h 13 min

    Just like to say brilliantly written article . as an akita owner of 30 some years i agree with all your points but at the same time as with all breeds of dogs no 2 dogs are the same so try not to judge every akita like this . i have 3 inus now and wouldnt dream of letting them of the leash however i had a jap akita 20 years ago who i never had on the lead and she was fine

    • Suzy
      28 January 2020 / 22 h 02 min

      I had an akita named Dakota Blue many years ago i saw your remarkable blog about Malcolm your wonderful Akita oh how i miss mine hes passed on he was brown and black also yes one needs a firm but loving hand these joyous animals have but one person in their lives as their owner they are like no other you must work with them when they are puppies and always continue to work with them to socialize and love them to their fullest you must always show them the love and honor and respect they deserve they are apart of your family. Sincerly suzy lawson

  26. 2 March 2020 / 2 h 50 min

    This blog facts you must know before buying an akita has helped me a
    lot with my dog. Also, I used this training course https://s96.me/dog-training-course and
    now my dog ​​follows everything I ask. Kiss you All!

  27. Jefe
    4 March 2020 / 4 h 57 min

    It’s important to note that over 70% of Akitas have hypothyroidism. This causes aggressiveness in the breed/makes them unpredictable.

  28. Liam
    7 March 2020 / 16 h 08 min

    My first dog and will be my only, is an akita, if you are deciding to buy one, do it. The best time ever is with him or her. I got mine 9 years ago, after someone in my worked asked if I wanted a dog, said no but then the little furball came out the car and I just fell in love with her. At the start she was a rascal who chewed the couch and carpet, she hated being by herself even for a hour. My akita has had lots of vets visits which I seen on the screen that all in the total has came to £6680. From a twisted stomach, sprayed to constant UTI problems since the age of 5 are the 3 main visits I remember. But now just after her 9th birthday she started struggling to climb the bed/couch, then finding it hard to stand up, her back muscles are wasting away. Her appetite has went down rapidly, trying my best but overall I think she will be put to sleep in a few weeks but overall, what amazing memories I had with her. Never had any problems with other dogs or adults. Even with my kids she is protective but hasn’t a bad bone in her body. She would lick you to death instead of bite. What an amazing breed we had lucky to share with our family

  29. Eric
    2 July 2020 / 4 h 37 min

    Hi guys, it’s too late to have a Akita if he 6 months already ?

  30. Eric
    2 July 2020 / 4 h 37 min

    Hi guys, it’s too late to have an Akita if he 6 months already?

  31. Laszlo
    28 July 2020 / 0 h 36 min

    Greetings, Thanks for sharing your wisdom and Akita details. My current Akita is my second ever owned Akita. This one is Brindle, 3 years old, I am second owner as of his 11month birthday. He is great with me and was purchased by a breeder. The question. adult male 200lb family member was taking Akita out the laundry/garage door on leash. walker was on dogs right side. The second adult in the family; a female of 100lbs had approached on the left side of Akita. The male aloud the female to pet the Akitas hind left top back. Result, was Akita reached left and back with head without warning and bit right forarm of person petting. The male who held the akita was holding the collar also. The Akita is normally calm, un-aggresive. This was a total surprise in the family. All quarantine and authorities actions were taken and medical attention of 8 stitches rendered to female. Pet is still in family. both male and female are still in the same household. What might of went wrong in the situation? Was it too close quarters, was Akita spooked? akitas food was far into the garage. No other food around. Akita was already fed. What say you as far as ideas. Curious is all.

  32. Lintje
    15 August 2020 / 14 h 43 min

    Hi, I have been following Malcolm he is amazing and yes you are absolutely right to the T about the breed. Having owned 4 Akitas in the last 20 years, they are fantastic family companion but they are not for everyone. Ours were and are from the shelter because they were being abandon by the previous owner. People buy them as pups because they are so cute but they turned big as young as 6 months and can be very dominant. We have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to care and love them. They love you unconditionally and their loyalty is second to none even though we adopted all of them at around 2 years of age. Sadly our first one Jalka passed away at 5 years old, then we adopted Kona he lived and gave us so much love until he went to heaven at 14 and for the last 6 years we’ve been blessed with Suki & Jasper. They are our fur kids and we love them as much as they love us. So please anyone out there who wanted to have the breed Please consider this , to own a pet is for life if you want a dog that is obedient don’t buy an Akita but if you want a pet that is loyal, independent, respectful for life then you can consider this breed. And for you keep posting your amazing Malcom and give him our hugs🐾🐾❤️

  33. Uli
    1 October 2020 / 3 h 08 min

    Hi. I just adopted a 5-year old American Akita mix last Friday. I was wondering how long it would take him to bond, as he had been unfortunately re-homed 3 times. (I’m his 4th owner.) My intention in adopting him was in taking on the responsibility of making sure he has a happy rest of his life. He bonded quite quickly with me. He tolerates my mistakes due to misunderstanding him, but definitely lets me know I made one. It’s quite a unique relationship of mutual respect, I absolutely love it. It feels like there is an invisible tether between us, so we don’t need constant physical proximity to bond. We have a happy future ahead of us.

    Thank you for this article.

  34. Natalie
    19 October 2020 / 8 h 42 min

    Thank you for posting this. I am about to adopt an Akita from a shelter after losing my shar-pei earlier this year. I have had chows too and have friends with shiba-inus that I have spent a lot of time around. Sometimes I have been scared that this will be too hard even though the other breeds I have had were also aloof and unable to be around same sex dogs and have similar personalities. Everyone I know has said you’ll be fine but sometimes I’m worried despite knowing you can’t handle these breeds well with a lack of confidence. Since reading your article I feel so much better and have realized really they do sound a lot like the other primitive breeds I’ve owned, especially my shar-pei, I miss him so much. Thank you for describing the ways of the akita so thoroughly!

  35. Boyd Battrell
    19 October 2020 / 9 h 10 min

    When I got married my wife had an mature Akita. We got along fine but she was her dog. Only once did I feel a slight challenge towards me from her when I tried to dominate her with a slightly stern correction. It was her way of saying, don’t push it, and I never did again. I did like the breed and against a breeder’s advice we got a another female because they are smaller than males.When one passed we would get another for a total of four females then finally a male. All of the females lived to be 13. After having Akitas for over thirty years none bit or were aggressive towards man or animal. The male unexpectedly bloated at 8. I walked all off leash except the first one. The male was amazingly gentle the sweetest personality. He was so attached to me, mourning if I was out of town. I passively showed them I was the alpha with a gentle touch. Simple things like when I opened a door I always went through first and made them come back through if I wasn’t. They’re not a dog to be heavy handed with. Very intelligent and always wanting to please you.

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